M.Y.H Cosmetics asked me to assist with the conception of a new mascara tube. The theme was chosen by the client and inspired by the cherry blossom flower and tree commonly found in Asia. I aimed at producing a mature and unique design for both variations. Keeping the floral inspiration, and avoiding the cold vector drawings. Instead, the handrawn illustrations and watercolours offer a detailed illustration and organic feeling to this object. (These two concepts are in production and the end result may be slightly different due to production techniques).

M.Y.H Cosmetics is a new Make-up brand launching soon its dual Mascara Eyeliner in Hong Kong. To know more about them, please visit and be part of the launching community.

Agency: Freelance Work
Client: M.Y.H Cosmetics
(All designs are exclusively used for M.Y.H Cosmetics)

STAN DIERS - Freelance Graphic Designer
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