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About Us

Our Story

 MYH Cosmetics is very excited to introduce our flagship product, a revolutionary 2-in-1 mascara and eyeliner, TŌTL M.E. 
 TŌTL M.E. embodies our company's commitment to quality, convenience and uniqueness. Our extensive research and
 development has produced a unique product that personifies the vision of our founder Melanie Yeh Hofmann. Familiar with
 hectic schedules and overloaded handbags, Melanie envisioned a product that would deliver amazing results in a fraction
 of the time and space.

 TŌTL M.E. combines the best of conventional mascaras and eyeliners, beautifully presented in an exotically decorated wand. 

 We at MYH Cosmetics hope you will enjoy TŌTL M.E. and we look forward to bringing you more innovative beauty products in

 the future.